Surgery Life Enhancement

SLE Male Enhancement is a medical clinic specializing in penis enlargement surgery & non-surgical girth thickening injections. Located in Tijuana, and Rosarito Beach, B.C. Mexico. Surgery Life Enhancement utilizes penis pumps to prepare patients for volume increases from penoplasty, or non surgical girth injections.

Surgery Life Enhancement – Phallocare Male Enhancement

Originating from Total Life Enhancement and Phallocare, Surgery Life Enhancement has fused many valid and proven methods of penis enlargement into a mega resource, SLE Male Enhancement. SLE specializes in phalloplasty, non-surgical injection girth thickening methods, and penis enlargement training with vacuum pump devices. SLE Male Enhancement illustrates the dangerous differences between training with penis weight hangers, and noose style extenders that cut of circulation while training and the benefits of vacuum training with vacuum expanding weight hangers and penile extenders.

Surgery Life Enhancement Penis Lengthening & Vacuum Traction

Surgery Life Enhancement Erect Penis Lengthening Surgery (phalloplasty) with Vacuum Pump Traction

Phalloplasty surgeon from Surgery Life Enhancement measuring a surgical lengthening patient that has been fitted with a vacuum penis stretching device that pulls and further extends the penis during the penis enlargement surgery.

Many of the popular brands of vacuum penis weight and traction devices such as the Grip System, the LG Hanger, and the Size Doctor Extender head chamber have all been utilized in penoplasty procedures performed by Surgery Life Enhancement doctors. SLE penile lengthening surgery includes extending the penis with a vacuum chamber that attaches to the penis glans. The surgeon then accesses the suspensory ligamentolysis technique through a stealth surgical incision away from the traditional transverse, vertical, and xy-plasty techniques and has moved the entry incision to the testicle skin folds region. Moving the scar area completely away from the penis, and vacuum erect traction during surgery, have greatly approved upon traditional phalloplasty techniques.

Surgery Life Enhancement PMMA Video

The following PMMA girth thickening video contrasts fundamental differences in available non-surgical, penis enlargement techniques. Other PMMA doctors inject PMMA in the penile flaccid state, injection specialist Alvarez –from Surgery LIFE Enhancement injects and sculpts the polymethylmethacrylate & collagen, or PMMA filler while the patient’s penis is erect. Other penis doctors routinely utilize a localized anesthetic and perform the flaccid girth thickening while the patient is awake. Surgery LIFE Enhancement’s master practitioner Alvarez prefers the patient be unconscious and employs general anesthesia during the PMMA erect girth thickening non-surgical procedure.

SLE Male Enahcement Results: Penis Length and Girth

Surgery LIFE Enhancement reviews their latest length and girth medical procedures in their latest exclusive feature video release. For more info about state of the art penis enlargement for Length & Girth visit:

Medical Enlargement Procedures for a Huge Penis examines SLE | Phallocare’s Ultra PMMA injections with 80cc and exhibits men’s results after the nonsurgical, outpatient procedures. The before and after penis enlargement video brings you into the operating room a shows you our erect penile lengthening surgery with traction.