Bathmate Hydromax

Are you looking for a penis pump that will not only give you a firm, long lasting erection but one that will increase length and girth in the long run? If so, the Bathmate Hydromax may be the right option for you. The Bathmate line of products from Hydromax are hydropumps that have been shown to be extremely effective and with models of all sizes, there are options to accommodate any penis size. Here’s what you need to know about the Bathmate Hydromax:

The Benefits Of A Water-Based Pump

The Hydromax series of pumps from Bathmate are not the typical penis pump because they are made to be used when bathing or in the shower. As a hydropump, they operate differently than a traditional air pump which has a lot of major benefits including wider girth and longer erections. The benefits come from the fact that warm water helps to relax the tissue inside your penis. By relaxing the tissue, it allows more blood flow when pumping which means larger erections.

Bathmate Hydromax Models

There are many different models in the Hydromax series of products from Bathmate that feature different options for length and girl. The Bathmate Hydromax models include:

Hercules – Max length of 7 inches, max girth of 6.5 inches

Hydromax x20 – Max length of 7.5 inches, max girth of 5.5 inches

Hydromax x30 – Max length of 8.5 inches, max girth of 6.7 inches

Hydromax x40 – Max length of 10 inches, max girth of 7.9 inches

Goliath – Max length of 10 inches, max girth of 9 inches

How Bathmate Hydromax Performs

The entire line of Bathmate Hydromax products is extremely effective at producing long, thick erections that last throughout the entire length of intercourse. Your penis will typically remain fuller for longer periods of time after pumping and can even benefit from permanent extension and girth increases after using the Bathmate Hydromax products for a few months.

Benefits of the Hydromax products include:

  • Longer and thicker penis after using the pump
  • Possibly increases sexual stamina
  • Helps with premature ejaculation
  • Wider girth and longer length even when not pumping