Top 3 Penis Pump this 2013

Penis pumps are generally the solutions that will give you better ways of treating erectile dysfunction and giving you enhancement over sexual performance. It is said that this can be an effective alternative if you want to replace your penis stretcher. This solution is a different device designed with hand or battery-powered pump that is attached to a tube. It also includes a band that will fit at the penis base. At times, the device is also called as the vacuum constriction device or vacuum pump.

There are different products that have amazed the market with their impressive penis pump representations. In order to give you the top three this year, here are the following:

#1. Penomet


This is the number one penis pump you can use in order to give you penis enlargement solution you are looking for. It is said that this solution is made by professionals who had 100 years experience combined. In other words, this is not just a simple product that works, but an innovative product that can change the mechanism of penis enlargement idea.

This solution will give you the most advanced and number one solution for penis enhancement. It is designed by experts and engineers, which considered how convenient and how effective a penis solution must be. Its durability and quality have been tested as well. It is available with 60 day money back guarantee and lifetime gaiter replacement warranty.

  • The Features

The solution appears to give you the real visible difference in as short as your first 15 minutes of use. Furthermore, with the comprehensive use of the solution, you will gain inches quickly. The solution did not disregard the essence of exercising your penis effortlessly. The media have also seen the difference of the solution and even Italian Scientists approved its effectiveness. Aside from longer penis, you will also get more satisfying and stronger erections.

Aside from such, it will give you inhibition of premature ejaculation, banished impotence, and increased sexual stamina.

Penomet will give you the reason to bring back your confidence again since it will help you survive Peyronie’s disease and erectile dysfunction.

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  • The Advantages

The solution is backed by science and there is no doubt that it has the most revolutionary solution in one single device, which is the AquaPressure system. You can ensure that with this tough solution, you will get a lasting key that really works. It is manageable and will give you a variety of options in terms of gaiters and pressure setting.

In terms of purchase, Penomet will give you the industry’s only one year money back guarantee, which only pictures how confident Penomet can be in solving your penis problem.

#2. Bathmate Hercules Hydropump

Bathmate Hercules HydropumpBathmateDirectRatings

This is a solution that will give you the second best penis pump in the market. It is claimed to be number one, yet the review sites revealed that it came second to Penomet. But still, this solution will give you the promise of larger penis with better regulation of your erection and sexual satisfaction. The solution is considered a real boost for your sexual confidence and self esteem.

This solution is sold in 60 countries and it has reported 200,000 satisfied consumers. It is very convenient and easy to use as well. It will give you amazing benefits in one with risk free purchase.

  • The Features

According to the product, it will give you an increase of 2 inches in length and 40% increase in girth. It will give you rock hard erection and visible results instantly. Aside from such, it is also claimed by the product that it will help you last longer in bed with the 95% success rate, ensuring the efficiency of the solution.

  • The Advantages

The product claims that with the enhancement it can give, you will find it easier to please women effectively. According to the product claims, most females want a penis length of 7-11 inches, which can be provided by Bathmate Hercules Hydropump. On the other hand, it is also added that penis size plays a factor in sexual satisfaction for women.

It is claimed to be a fully satisfactory solution that will give you genuine results approved by adult industry professionals.

#3 – Encore Deluxe Vacuum Erection Device

Encore Deluxe Vacuum Erection DeviceEncore-view

This is another penis pump that came third in the ranking of the best in the market. It is a claimed solution that will give you restoration of sexual function without the use of drugs. Furthermore, it is a claimed recommended device by the American Urology Association. It will give you the option to operate the pump manually or by battery. It is also a packaged product that is popular for its discrete packaging. Lastly, it a cost effective solution that can replace your surgical option.

  • The Features

The solution is claimed to help men survive the feat over erectile dysfunction. It has helped 90% of impotent men and it is a non-invasive solution that will give you successful erection and an ideal solution for impotence. The solution is also an impressive solution that can give you maintenance of erection for as much as thirty minutes. It is commonly prescribed and it can give you doctor recommended penis pump as well.

Few of the components you can get from the product are battery ED pump, ring loading applicator, cylinder and adapter, instruction manual, carrying case, 7 rings, triad lubricant, and body shield among others.

  • The Advantages

It is a commonly prescribed solution that will help you get relief from impotence risks. It is a solution that will give immediate results with no surgical operations required. Encore Deluxe Vacuum Erection Device will give you simple to use solution with no major side effects. Other than that, there is an inexpensive cost value for the product and a lifetime warranty offer coming from the company for the pump and tube.

It has an easy to understand manual and comfortable grip handle. Plus, if you need support, the toll-free technical support of the company is always available.